Hey! Nice to meet you!

My name is Jamie and I’m here to help you elevate your brand with authentic, high quality photos.

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a brand that truly resonates with you and what you do, being top of mind in your industry, wowing your potential client at every touchpoint on and offline...I need to talk to you now!

I'm very passionate about collaborating with you to create a tailored photoshoot experience to help support and exceed your goals and add a special touch to your special life moments!

You're the driver, I'm the director. Together, we will make magic!



I started photographing for clients in 2014, right before receiving my BFA in Photography from The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 2015. I’ve studied, lived and photographed in several major US cities over the years. In 2014, my series "Kingstress" was featured in the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Milwaukee LGBT Community center as well as in 2017.


After college I worked in retail management for 5 years. The experience allowed me the opportunity to strengthen my communication skills and learn how to run a multi million dollar business. Throughout mentorship and real life experiences in assisting corporate advertising, I learned the value of collaboration and the importance of having a vision and working towards it.


In 2019, I became a mother and quit my management job to pursue Jamie Robarge Photography LLC. I am now a proud full time freelance photographer and single mama.


When I am not behind the camera you can find me spending time with my toddler, drinking iced coffees, cooking and trying new things. 


I have 15 tattoos.


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